About Us

The Name

Deep in the heart of Texas flows the Guadalupe River.  Starting in the Texas Hills, its 230-mile journey ends in sun-drenched San Antonio Bay.  If you follow its limestone banks, you follow Texas.  The magical scent of hot oak and salted brisket, the familiar roar of a high school football game, the pride of Old-Glory flying in a hero’s yard. In Hunt, Texas, near the headwaters of this river, lays the name behind this story—a big rock shaped like a boat—half in and out of the water. 

How It Started

Boat Rock Outdoors was born when an Army Combat Veteran and an NFL standout decided to create a line of outdoor gear that embodies their passion for the outdoors and love of country.  At Boat Rock, the details matter.  That’s why we design and embroider our premium hats in Austin.  In fact, we waited over a year to sell them.  Why? To ensure they are Texas tough. We knew if our hats could make it through a year hunting and fishing in the Lone Star State, they’ll stand up to anything.  So, whether you’re setting the hook on a pasture pond, zeroing your rifle on the range, or having a cold one around a camp fire…We invite you to experience Boat Rock and get Miles from Mainstream

Our Motivation

Putting trout in the net, coming full draw on an 8-point buck, launching a retriever after a wood duck—anything that gets us outdoors and back to a simpler time and place. Most importantly, we are passionate about supporting the troops.  That’s why a portion of all our sales go to Veteran charities.